Carbide Chainsaw Chain
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Saw Chain Designs

Rapco’s Carbide Tipped Saw Chain Designs


CHAMFEROur most versatile design. Applications include: creosote treated poles, railroad ties, demolition work, windfall bucking (root wad removal in dirt), frozen logs. Best for all around cutting.


CHISELOur fastest cutting design. Applications include: logging in abrasive conditions, i.e. volcano ash, mud or sand, firewood and frozen logs.


THE “TERMINATOR”This is a fire fighter’s dream! This design from our research and development staff is 3 times more efficient than Rapco’s standard tough carbide used for high impact.


THE “DRAGON”Our newest design for demolition and other challenging cutting applications. This new chain can be sharpened up to 3 more times than our standard carbide chains.

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