Carbide Chainsaw Chain
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Ordering Rapco Carbide Tipped Saw Chain

We don’t sell chain directly on the internet because we believe what you buy and who you buy it from is a decision that requires personal interaction.  You want to buy the right chain and we want to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Our Rapco carbide tipped chainsaw chains are priced by the drive link for all quantities and we have volume price discounts at 25, 50 and 100 feet. We will happily sell you a single drive link or make custom chain loop sizes to your specifications.

If you have any questions or need assistance with any order, please do not hesitate to call our friendly team toll free at 1-800-959-6130.

When ordering saw chains please describe your cutting application and provide us with the following information:


The number of drive links in your loop (the drive link is the part of the chain that rides in the groove of the bar) or the reel size (25 , 50 or 100 feet)


Pitch .250″, .325″, .375″ Low Profile, .375″, .404″, .750″
Gauge .050″, .058″, .063″, .080″, .122″
Sequence Standard – Cutter every two drive links
Skip – Cutter every three drive links
Double Skip – Cutter every four drive links


Hard Low impact and high durability cutting
Our best wood cutting chain
Tough Intense high impact cutting
For Nails, Wire and hard objects


Flat – Maximum Impact Resistance
Round – Maximum Cutting Speed


Chamfer – Similar to Chipper
Chisel – Fastest Cutting

Do you want to order a chamfer or chisel style cutter?

The choice between chisel or chamfer chain comes down to the type of wood you are cutting and the conditions.

Chisel chains have a square cornered tooth that comes to a fine sharp point allowing the tooth to aggressively cut wood fibers easily. The advantage of the chisel cutter is that it provides fast and efficient cutting in softwoods. The disadvantage is that where the cutter comes to a fine sharp point, it’s a thinner piece of carbide material and it’s easier to chip or break if it hits a hard object like a rock or nail. The chisel cutter also dulls slightly quicker due too that thinner piece of material at that fine sharp point.

The chamfer cutters are essentially the same as the chisel cutters other than the cutters have had the sharp chisel point ground off to give better impact resistance and maintain a longer duration of sharpness compared to the chisel cutter. The chamfer cutter is the better choice for dirtier, hard and dry wood, stump work or applications where you could hit any hard objects.

For special or custom designs please provide us with the following information:


For special applications, the angle can be set anywhere from 0 to 45 degrees
0 degrees (ripping)
10 degrees (soft rock)
20 degrees (demolition)
30 degrees (standard)


For special applications, the depth can be set anywhere from .005″ to .060″
.025″ (standard)
.010 (soft rock)


For special applications, the kerf can be varied
Standard (same as original blade)

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