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Customer Testimonials and Comments

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“The Rapco carbide tip chain saw blade is a must! My previous stock metal blade initially lasted 20 minutes, then 2 minutes after sharpening, then 15 seconds after second sharpening, and finally 20 seconds after pro-sharpening. Gave up on that one. Rapco’s carbide blade after 120 minutes is still going strong and so far has lasted 360 times longer than my last pro-sharpening and counting. Well worth the investment in money and value of loss of time and frustration…

Gene R.
Vancouver, Canada

My chain arrived one day before promised and it was put right to use. I must say it does everything you said it would to. Couldn’t be more pleased with your product.

John D. S.
Sparta, TN

I have been very pleased with the performance of this chain over the last couple of years. Any time I talk chain saws with guy friends I tell them how great the carbide tipped blade is and give them your address. It’s so great not to have to stop in the middle of a job and change blades.

Gordon J.
Anchorage, AK

I just wanted to let you know that my Fire Department has been using your Terminator chain for 16 years. I’ve gotten great feedback from my guys that the Terminator chain holds up extremely well under our toughest conditions. It has been a solid performer with no failures what so ever. My Department couldn’t be happier.

Bob H.

I ordered a 52 tooth blade for ripping from you guys a little while ago, used it for the first time today and OMG what a difference. Faster bucking by far, what would have taken 30 to 45 seconds now takes 2 or 3 seconds. Unbelievable, I will be telling my friends about this!!!! Many thanks and I will probably never use another non-carbide blade again unless I’m cutting up pallets or something! Many thanks.

Jeff C.
Volcano, HI

We love these carbide chains. Will never use anything else but these.

John D.
Kerrville, TX

I cut a lot of locust which is by far more difficult than any other wood I have cut…. This carbide chainsaw chain has far exceeded the wear of conventional blades and is worth the money for sure.

Ken D.
Allentown, NJ

I have been very pleased with the results of having this carbide chainsaw chain on my saw, even now that it’s due for sharpening and service, it was still cutting like a hot knife thru butter.

Gordon J.
Anchorage, AK

I heard about your carbide tipped chainsaw blades, do I decided to put it to the test!!

This carbide tipped chainsaw chain has been on my saw since 2012 and it has cut so far the following:
3 truckloads of log length fire wood approximately 24 full cord, has sharpened approximately 450 locust fence posts, cut up numerous down fall trees and frozen lumber. Plus who knows what else.

This carbide tipped chainsaw chain in my opinion is one of the best chains I have used in the past 40 years.

Very happy with the product, THANKS

John C.
Greene, NY

I never got to use your chain on wood. As I was driving two days later on a stretch of road where there is a hard s curve in the road with a 20 foot drop off and no guard rails and today there was a Malibu that had went of the drop off and the engine compartment was on fire. I used your carbide tipped chainsaw chain to cut back the roof supports and get the roof off to get a young couple and a 3 month baby out of the car. I lost the chain saw because the car was in full burn. Thanks for the help of saving those 3 lives.

Robin P.
Rose, OK

A comment from Rapco:
We are pleased that a Rapco chain was able to assist in saving the lives of three people.

I bought 2 of these chains in January 2013, they have cut in half or better the time it takes us to cut hard wood.  What used to take us two and a half hours now only takes forty five minutes.

These chains are worth the money!

James D.
Plains, TX

I just wanted to let you know I used the carbide tipped chain on Saturday and I am delighted with it!  The difference in performance between it and a standard chain is unbelievable.

I am very happy with it!

Martin M.

I wanted to leave a comment about your superb quality and customer service that we received from Rapco Industries.  Your chain saw blade cuts through the unit of lumber like butter.  We can cut 384 pieces of bed slat lumber in less than 2 minutes.  Our goal of cutting 10,000 pieces in 1 shift everyday is very realistic

Thank you for all your support and help in getting this new process up and running.

Franklin F.
San Diego, CA

Everything was done with a 18″ electric saw since most of my work is inside a university building. The first image is after being chainsawn, the second image is finished project installed on the National Mall in D.C. in the People’s Garden of the USDA headquarters, and the last image is the bottom of a rock maple tree that was removed on campus. It will be the first of a new series of exhibits, raising awareness about environmental issues through these “tree mandalas

Jack E.
Ithaca, NY

I recently ordered one of your carbide chains for a 16″ Homelite that I have used for about 15 years replacing the standard chain many times.  I have never enjoyed such performance trimming mesquite limbs on our ranch.  It seems to cut through a 5″ limb in about one third the time.  Rick was most helpful in helping me to choose the correct specifications for my application.  Kudos to him and your company.

Dennis K.
Tucson, AZ

These are the very best chains I ever saw

John M.
Hampton, NJ

I cut 11 cords of frozen, some mud clad oak before I experienced a notable decline in performance.  At best I was getting 1.5 cords on standard chain on the same logs.

Aaron R.
Shohola, Pennsylvania

Our fire department exclusively uses Rapco Terminator chain on our ventilation saws. We have found none other like the Terminator to come close to holding up to the rigors of cutting vertical ventilation holes. The design of the chain, matched with the .063 gauge and .404 pitch sizing, make an excellent combination for our application. We have tried several other types of carbide chain and found them non-serviceable after just a few uses. The Terminator chain holds up with no or very few broken cutters after normal ventilation use. We have seen good chain life if properly maintained and have found Rapco’s sharpening and maintenance service to be unsurpassed as well.

Bob N.
Norfolk, Nebraska

These chains are the best thing I have ever seen! I am cutting cedar trees in West Texas with them. With the trees growing out of the rocks like they do out there it is impossible to keep from catching a rock now and then. With the standard chains I had been using, I would have to sharpen the chain every time I filled the saw with gas. That was time consuming, and used up a chain very quickly. I have been using the chain I bought from your company for a year now, and have not had to sharpen it yet.

Kelvin E.
Liberty, Texas

We constructed a system with 150 railroad ties and they ate up about 20 small steel chains. After we converted to carbide chains, I tracked how many railroad ties we could cut with one chain, and when the chain was about dead we had cut about the same, 150. Please realize that these were clean grade 1 fir ties, and not dirty oak ties. So our carbide chain lasted roughly 20 times as long as the steel chain. The carbide chains cost about 10 times more than the steel chains, therefore they wind up being about 2 times the material value. But the real kicker is the labor saved in not sharpening chains all the time and replacing them often. I would say that in the past about 33% of the labor for railroad tie retaining walls was just in dealing with steel chains. Now it is just a few percent. In my mind, I think of these carbide chains as 20 times the value.

Mark T.
Idyllwild, California

I wanted to thank you for providing such a great product. About 2 months ago I stumbled across your website when looking for options on a demolition project I was starting. Using my trusty Husqvarna chain saw and your chains, my brother and I proceeded to completely remove the top half of our childhood house. We started with 2 chains and rotated between them we would cut with one, while the other one was being sharpened. We were able to average 2 days of demo on each sharpen and ended up doing the entire job with only 3 chains, the $450 was well worth it considering the best quote we had from a contractor was $45,000 to do the demo.

We cut down about 9,000 sqft. of pitched roofing (1/2″ plywood, felt & 30 yr. shingles and some nails) into about 4′ X 4′ pieces, then proceeded to cut the rafters into smaller pieces. In addition to the roof we also cut the entire 2nd floor (stucco, plywood, lath, etc.) into smaller sections.

Every piece removed from the house was cut into small enough sections that one person could hand load it so it could be hauled away. We feel that we put your chains to a true, “real world” test and they passed with flying colors. Thanks again for your help and support on this project. We are starting next month on rebuilding the house, I will send you completed photos in about 2 years when it is done.

Central Florida

Just wanted to tell you thanks for the carbide-tipped chain saw and tips on its use. The carbide-tipped chain with the “Husky” chainsaw and a little help from a portable hydraulic ram finally got the better of my stump. The stump is now gone from the premises. Will take you up at some point on that saw sharpening but am doing OK so far with my EZE-LAP Sharpener that I got from you.

John W.
Canby, Oregon

Yes, they are expensive, but time is money and they save way more time than they cost. They may cost 5 times what steel chains cost, but in my experience they last at least 50 times as long and you are not forever having to stop to sharpen or change them. In a contest of “real world” cutting, between one of your carbide chains and 25 steel chains, I’ll make twice the cuts and do it half the time. If you kept track of how much time you lose changing and sharpening steel chain in a week’s worth of cutting, you’ll quickly realize that only weekend gardeners should ever buy steel chain.

Kern O.

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